Scout in Chief

January 22, 2009

Once upon a time, Barack Hussein Obama was a Cub Scout when he lived in Indonesia.  There are 28 million Scouts worldwide today; 8 million of those Scouts are in Indonesia, compared to almost 6 million in the United States.  

Say what I will about our Socialist-in-Chief, I hold onto a small piece of hope that something in BHO’s Scouting experience may temper his baser instincts.  I saw a reference here to a Brit blogger who gives us a Scout Assoc. of the UK press release with the details.

President Gerald Ford was an Eagle Scout and several other Presidents were involved in Scouting throughout their lives.  The President of the United States is also the honory head of the Boy Scouts of America, although some liberal special interest groups have been urging BHO to decline this honor.  So far the BSA has been pretty quiet on the subject.

The Dallas Morning News reports on Gov. Rick Perry‘s welcome to the former occupant on his  return to Texas after the inaugaration:

Tuesday, the man elevated into the job as governor when Bush became president recalled how Bush urged him to keep the state in good shape for his return.

“He looked me in the eye before he left and said, ‘Perry, I want you to be a good Boy Scout. And Boy Scouts leave their camp better than they found it,’ ” Perry said. “Texas is a better place than when George left it.”

We will see how the current Scout in Chief leaves his camp in turn.

4 Responses to “Scout in Chief”

  1. […] on JohnScout, I had written a post touching on the newly inaugurated president’s time as a Cub Scout in Indonesia.  This […]

  2. SC-Scouter Says:

    A Scout is Loyal. A Scout is Courteous. A Scout is Trustworthy. A Scout is Obedient.
    The Scout Oath pledges Loyalty and Duty to the United States of America. President Obama deserves your respect in a Scouting venue. Your comment “…Say what I will about our Socialist-in-Chief…” falls under no aspect of the Scout Oath and Law. It is decidedly unChristian, too (and if you look at the teachings of Jesus, you would call him a liberal Socialist, too). If you feel that you must denigrate the leader of our nation, please do not do so in a Scouting arena. A Scouter is a Role Model, or did they not teach you that is basic Adult Leader Training?
    “Aims and Methods: Associations With Adults. Boys learn a great deal by watching how adults conduct themselves. Scout leaders can be positive role models for the members of the troop. In many cases a Scoutmaster who is willing to listen to boys, encourage them, and take a sincere interest in them can make a profound difference in their lives.”

    Rise above your baser feelings. As a Scoutmaster you are held to a higher standard.

  3. JC Says:

    SC-Scouter: Thank you for your comment. Your civil nature demonstrates that you walk your talk.

    I worried over this post and later considered re-posting at my primary blog, Both are new endevors, although that is no excuse–simply, I am working out what goes where in this context.

    The man will have to earn my respect. For now the most respectful thing I can say about our newly elected president–behind respecting the choice of 52% of US voters–is to mention that he was a Scout.

    You are correct that it is not our job to proselytize on religion or politics. However, we are constantly engaged in citizenship–in our community, nation and world. I would never give a Scoutmaster Minute promoting my favorite candidate for dog catcher, yet I would certainly mention that the dog catcher was a Scout.

  4. JC Says:

    This post emphasizes the SC-Scouter’s point that Scout Leaders are in the public eye no matter what hat we’re wearing:

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