Trip to Alaska! Klondike Derby 2009

February 27, 2009

Klondike Derby 2009 Patch

Buffalo Ridge District Boy Scouts took a trip to Alaska in February for the 2009 Klondike Derby. Well, we stopped at Hole in the Mountain Park in Lake Benton, Minnesota, since it was good, snowy and cold enough right there in the middle of our district.

Cub Scouts cycled inside and out to foil the wind & frigid temps, taking part in:

  • Fishing for mouse traps
  • Alaska flag craft
  • Slingshot shoot (led by BSA-trained Scouter)
  • Leather kneckerchief slide craft
  • Snow soccer

Boy Scouts & Venturers were outside for the duration.  A Troop from Marshall, MN, even camped out (Polar Points for all!).  Scouts hauled neccesary gear on sleds of their own manufacture to six different stations:

  • Tent building
  • Animal tracks
  • Fire starting
  • Knot tying
  • First aid
  • Snow catapult

Our district has been fortunate to receive assistance running stations for the older guys from parks & rec students at South Dakota State University at Brookings.  A couple of my Scouts remarked that they didn’t have enough to do during a couple stations—that’s good experience for the college kids before they get out and run summer rec programs, as well as good experience for our Scouts to make sure they’re dressed warm enough not to freeze during downtime.

The Klondike Derby finishes up with a great race after lunch, when the Boy Scouts & Venturers line up and race dogsled fashion across the park to the cheers (and jeers) of the Cubs and Scouters assembled.  Our Troop won a couple years back and we had a good team this year.  We had great buffalo chili for lunch and  I believe I can say that a good time was had by all.


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