Cooking in Camp

April 5, 2009

Lodge dutch oven

Troop 25 went camping last weekend.  Good thing it wasn’t this weekend, because we just had an April blizzard blow through.  This should not deter a Scout, but it makes it awful difficult to keep the tents up.

We are following the Camping program theme at the moment.  A number of our Scouts got started kind of late in their Scouting career on Camping Merit Badge.  Since BSA, in their infinite wisdom, tightened up the requirements for Camping Merit Badge, we have to be a bit more creative in creating Troop opportunities for tent camping.  This has always been a bit of a challenge since we can get snow 10 out of 12 months of the year in Minnesota.


I’m still working out the balance between challenging Scouts to tackle substantive projects on campouts and letting boys be boys.  It seems to be working best if I can get the PLC to wrap their minds around one big goal for an outing.

Our big goal for this outing was Cooking in Camp.

The troop is blessed with several active Assistant Scoutmasters, one of whom is an excellent camp cook.  Our Scouts, however much they love eating, like planning meals much less, and cleaning up after meals the least.  They are guys after all.

I am happy to report that the Scouts of Troop 25 took up this challenge from our ASM:  to go without Mac-n-Cheese one entire weekend.  Taking our cue from the pages of Cooking Merit Badge, one patrol cooked fish and the other patrol cooked soup and sandwiches for lunch.  And we all cooked dutch oven stews for dinner.  There was even desert.

I promised not to tell their moms they’re learning how to cook.  At least not until the Court of Honor.


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