A Sioux Elder on the Petroglyphs

April 23, 2009

Minnesota Historical Society is planning to close Jeffers Petroglyphs except on the weekends, which I previously suggested as a Cub Scout destination to learn more about Native American history and culture.  Today I noticed this video, part of a series posted on Youtube and the Minnesota Stories websites.

Vernell Wabasha, a Sioux Elder, discusses what the Petroglyphs mean to her.  The Jeffers Petroglyphs historic site is arguably one the most significant historic and cultural sites of its kind in the world. Its continued use over 9,000 years attests to its importance in traditional indigenous culture. The Jeffers Petroglyphs podcasts presents a variety of perspectives personal, archaeological, traditional, biological, and geological — in the voices of those who know the site well.

I could say something snarky on the timing, but I don’t want to detract from the heartfelt emotion of this story.  The Historical Society is having to get creative about the budget and there’s no easy answers.


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