Scout-O-Rama + Camp-O-Ree = Camp-O-Rama

May 5, 2009

Camp-O-Rama 2009 Flag Ceremony

There are a precious few spring days that approach perfection.  Crisp nights give way to a clear dawn, sunshine enveloping still-bare limbs to warm the ground below.  Those few days when the promise of summer is more full than any actual summer day can be.

We had a day close to that out at Camp Shetek.  Several troops and packs from Buffalo Ridge District gathered for the Spring 2009 Camp-O-Rama.  I previously wrote about our challenges with the traditional scout-o-rama.  This is the second year our District has combined the spring camp-o-ree with scout-o-rama for a Camp-O-Rama.  Troops camp out at a different location in our district, then are joined by packs at noon for an afternoon of fun, games, and scouting skills.

Our Troop won Best Event for an obstacle course.  Scouts started scooting under a low tarp picking up tennis balls, then high-stepping through low ropes in a diamond pattern moving footballs from one side to the other, then weaving thru a line of garbage cans picking up dodge balls, and finally diving into a bin (made of snowfence) searching for a small rubber ball in a sea of balloons.   We were careful to adjust scoring easier for Cubs, more difficult for older Scouts, and there was a line all day.  Other units did things like:

  • Monkey bridge
  • Boiling egg over an open fire in a paper cup
  • Baseball toss (with tennis balls)
  • Orienteering
  • Pioneer games
  • Duck game
  • Flag retirement
  • Knot-tying contest

Last year we held Camp-O-Rama at a county fairgrounds that is more centrally located in the district.  Camp Shetek is on the far east side of Sioux Council and we didn’t have as large a crowd this year.  We also tried convening our District Awards Banquet with the Camp-O-Rama this year.  I don’t usually go to banquets, so it was nice to see some good Scouters recognized.  It’s good to try new things I suppose.

A good time was had by all.



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