Scoutmaster Minute—Matches

May 19, 2009


group o' matchsticks

(Material: small bundle of wooden matches and a rubber band. Gather up the matches and neatly bundle them together so that they will stand when you set them down.)

Our Troop is much like these matchsticks. (Stand the matches on end for everyone to see.)  You might have noticed that we all stick together.  It is the trust, friendship, and knowledge of everyone here that makes us feel this way. We know that when the going gets tough, if we stick together we will come out on top, like at the Camporee.   Everyone did their job.  The event was set up, and everybody took their turn at the table, timing the participants, and helping open and close the gate.  We stuck together and won best event.

But what happens if we don’t stick together?  (Pick up the bundle of matches and take the rubber band off. Then set the bundle back down. Let the matches fall and scatter.) If we don’t stick together, we will all fall apart just as these matches did. When this happens we cannot accomplish as much as we can as a team.

Thanks for sticking together.

(adapted from p.12 of Troop Program Resources)



2 Responses to “Scoutmaster Minute—Matches”

  1. David Copeland Says:

    and like these matches. When one great attitude catches fire, it can light up the rest of the team to success…

    Nice post

  2. JC Says:

    I’ve been working through the Scoutmaster Minutes in Troop Program Resources, trying to keep mostly in order yet customizing for our monthly theme or a current event.

    I like the idea of “light a fire”. And trying not to through washwater on youtful ethusiasm as a Scouter! Similarly, one unit I was affiliated with had a “SparkPlug” award for a leader with extra get-up-n-go.

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