Scoutmaster Minute—Big Slough

August 23, 2009

Big Slough Trail

What is the Scout motto? Of course you know it is “Be Prepared”.

At our last meeting we talked about knowing the real meaning behind things. A lot of guys join Scouts for high adventure, going camping and hiking in the mountains, or canoeing in the Boundary Waters. That’s a great part of Scouting, but there’s a lot more to it closer to home.

As BP said, we should Be Prepared “for any old thing”. We live on the Prairie. The Boy Scout Fieldbook says that grasslands like these cover nearly a fourth of Earth’s land surface (p. 496). Prairie potholes, or sloughs, are wetlands that help prevent soil erosion and provide habitat for many different plants and animals—from big bluestem to wood ducks and not so many years ago vast herds of great American Bison.

This is our neighborhood:  the grass and water, flora and fauna. We can only be prepared “for any old thing” if we know our neighborhood. Stop. Look. Listen. You may be surprised what neighbors you meet.


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