Scoutmaster Minute—Leadership Secrets of Crazy Horse

August 30, 2009

Let me talk for a minute about a young man who lived not too far from here. He wasn’t a big man, or particularly handsome, or have a lot of money. He wasn’t from a family of leaders. But he became a great leader.

How? Lakota author Joseph Marshall gives us some ideas.

  1. Know Yourself. Know your own strengths and challenges.  Know how far you can run.

  2. Know Your Friends. Know who you can count on. At the same time, never ask somebody to do more than they can do. Rely on the strengths of your friends, so they can rely also on you.

  3. Know the Enemy. Know your opponents. Understand the true nature of your challenges so that you can remain on the course to True North.

  4. Lead the Way. Leadership isn’t about telling people what to do. It’s more about understanding what needs to be done, and then doing it.

By now you probably know I’m talking about Crazy Horse. He did not command a great army. He saw the great needs of his people, like your patrol, and asked them simply: “Follow Me”.



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