Almost heaven, West Virginia?

September 1, 2009

New River - Endless Wall Cliffs

Back when we were enjoying being unplugged at summer camp, the BSA settled on a new East Coast High Adventure site:  Garden Ground Mountain at Fayetteville, West Virginia. 

The [BSA] recently signed an agreement to purchase 10,600 acres, some of it reclaimed mining property, near Beckley, West Virginia, and announced that it would develop a new high- adventure base to complement its existing three bases in Minnesota, New Mexico, and Florida.

Dubbed ‘The National Scouting Center’, the new Appalachian Mountains site joins Philmont, Sea Base and the Northern Tier (e.g. Charles L. Sommers canoe base at Ely, MN) locations where the Boy Scouts of America deliver national high adventure programs.  The property, located in the Buckskin Council, is a reclaimed strip mine nestled into the New River Gorge National River park.

It seems like a lot of money to sink into real estate in these uncertain times, and i know nothing about the Appalachians, only venturing east of Detroit for a couple trips to Washington, DC.  After talking over a trip to D.C. with the Troop, I doubt our Scouts would journey so far.  Then again Cimarron, NM, isn’t much closer and I swear I will get to Philmont one day before I die.  I ought never say never again.

Speaking of never again, 2010 is due to be the last National Jamboree at Fort A.P. Hill in Virginia.  I had heard about land use challenges BSA was facing on a proposed Jambo site in Goshen County, Virginia.  The National Council withdrew that proposal a couple weeks ago in light of substantial NIMBY pushback.  However, I had missed the news about the Fayette County, WV, proposal.   Now National is evaluating the West Virginia site for the National Jamboree as well.  That was the original plan, just, oh boy, that will be alot of work in this kind of topography.


Actually, it’s taking me awhile to come in out of the sun, but I’m slowly catching up in preparation for another Scouting year.  Our Scouts are not back in school until after Labor Day, but South Dakota is in session 2 weeks by now.  The emails are coming more regularly from our District Executive.  Earlier sunsets and cooler nights allow me to unlace my hiking boots and sit down at the computer before lights out.  I wonder what else I missed this summer?


2 Responses to “Almost heaven, West Virginia?”

  1. Hey, John. I’m working with the BSA on the 100th Anniversary Celebration. If you’re ever interested in learning more about what’s happening at a national level, send me a note.


    • JC Says:

      Howdy, Julie! Thanks for stopping by. It’s easy to gripe & wonder at nameless-faceless “National” and what they do. Very nice to hear from a real live Name with real live Scouting Spirit.


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