Scoutmaster Minute—The Golden Windows

September 13, 2009

It was getting toward the end of summer and the young Scout was about to enter the 3rd grade. Each morning all summer long he had noticed a particular house up on a hill about a mile away. This house, he thought, must be spectacular because every morning when he got up, it looked like it had golden windows.

On this particular morning, he decided to go see the house with golden windows. He packed a lunch and started out on his big journey. Not long after he started, he came to a fence and couldn’t resist the temptation to see how far he could walk along the top rail. Then, he continued on his way until he came to a stream, where he stopped for a long while to catch crayfish and minnows. By that time he was hungry and ate his lunch. Starting up the hill to the house with the golden windows, he happened to see a porcupine. They stared at each other for what seemed to be an eternity. Finally, he gave up and returned to his quest.

When he did reach the house with the golden windows, he was very disappointed. There was the house, but instead of being majestic, it was a deserted, run-down shambles. The railings were falling off the porch, the screen door was off its hinges, the yard needed mowing, and the flower garden was overgrown with weeds. He was crushed. Sadly, he sat down on the front steps and just happened to gaze back toward his own home. There, in the late afternoon sun, was his house with golden windows!

Often in life we think that someone else has it far better than we do, or maybe that we should have a position much better than the one we have. But, we really should stop and think about all that we have and be thankful.

(adapted from p.12 in BSA Troop Program Resources)


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