RIP William Sparkman

September 25, 2009

This is a bit troubling.

William E. “Bill” Sparkman was a teacher, part-time Census canvasser, and Scouter in Kentucky.  He was found hanged near a rural cemetery, with the phrase “fed” scrawled across his chest.  Bill was an Eagle Scout.

It’s a big, dangerous world out there and we don’t know the whole story.  We can look at the statistics and logically conclude that this type of violence is an anomaly in modern America.  We can rail from the left about anti-government rhetoric or from the right about culture of drugs and corruption.  We can take this as one more reason to cocoon our kids in a constant state of supervision in front of video screens….

We can justify and pontificate all day and all night.   That doesn’t make it any easier when one of our own—somebody trying to do the right thing—pays so high a price.

Rest in peace, Bill.  May the Great Father of All Scouts be with you.


[Edit] Here is a profile of Mr. Sparkman’s education story. h/t to

[Edit2] Reflections from Scouting friends in Florida.

[Edit3] In a strange twist to this tale, the Kentucky State Police have determined that William Sparkman took his own life.  Different questions, no better answers…



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