Scoutmaster Minute—Our Flag

November 1, 2009

C-11-07 Flags


Two upcoming events remind me of the sacrifices we have made for freedom—Veteran’s Day on 11/11 marking the end of the First World War and the Fall of the Berlin Wall on 9 November which many mark as the end of the Cold War.


Our flag stands for freedom and equality. It is the banner of a people who are still willing to lay down their lives in defense of right, justice, and freedom. It is the emblem by which we proclaim to the world that this is “the home of the brave and the land of the free.”


Our flag is an emblem of true patriotism—the patriotism of deeds; the patriotism of courage, of loyalty, of devotion to freedom, justice, and humanity; the patriotism of men who have lived and died, not for themselves but for their country.


When we look at our flag—its star and stripes, its vivid red, white, and blue—and read its story and hear its message, when we contemplate what our flag means and what it stands for, and when we consider the sacrifices made and the lives given so that our flag could still be flying over us today, we are quietly reminded to cherish, to protect, and to defend it.



(adapted from p.13 in BSA Troop Program Resources)


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