November 25, 2009

JohnScout has a new shiny widget, over there on the left side of your screen.

SocialVibe allows you to raise money for the Cause of your choice by partnering with a paying brand Sponsor.  It doesn’t cost a dime, and only takes moments to configure….

Each time one of your readers clicks to complete a Sponsor activity, that brand will make a micro-donation to your Cause.  This impact will immediately be shown in your widget.

Wikipedia tells me that SocialVibe has over a million members clicking away for their favorite charities.

WordPress gives me limited options on the get-what-you-pay-for free blog format so I thought I’d give this shiny a try.  From the slim selections, I picked the Red Cross, sponsored by PowerBar, as the most closely-related concerns to Scouting and the great outdoors.  This is a bit different from the Google Ads you might see elsewhere (including on my primary blog at which I’m not supposed to encourage you to click, tho I am certainly grateful when folks do).

Give it a click, just for giggles.  Let me know if it’s annoying, or if you think it detracts from our Scouting message.  And a happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.



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