JohnScout 2009 Posts

January 1, 2010
Headlines from 2009 on JohnScout 2.0

This was the first year for the JohnScout blog.   A big thank you to everybody who has taken the time to read and comment.  I tried a couple different platforms and themes, so I hope the format works for you.  I don’t pretend to know the answers to Scouting’s questions.  This is just a tool to help us all find a better way to True North.

  • Busiest Day: Wednesday, November 18, 2009
  • Busiest Month: ~500 during November 2009
  • Top Referral site: (Thanks, Josh! Hope you can get back to blogging soon)
  • Top Outbound clicks: (That’s [Liberal] Scoutmaster on the blogroll, well thought entries even if I don’t often agree with his perspective)

Top Posts for the year:


Scout Camp—The Movie

Centennial Audiorally Next Thursday!


SM Minute—The Twins


New River, New Adventures: The Summit National Scout Reserve Unveiled

Qualities of leadership stamped into Boy Scouts

Scoutmaster Minute—The Station

A Stamp to Celebrate Scouting

Scoutmaster Minute—Our Flag


Lions Club Scouting Service Award

Scouting for Food & Sight

Scoutmaster Minute—A Scout Is Considerate

Scouting for Food Week Proclamation

HP VP tells Forbes his Scouting Story

Relief of Maefking Camporee

Scoutmaster Minute—Look At The Turtle


Scoutmaster Minute—Everybody’s Canoe

Cub Scout Uniform Patches

RIP William Sparkman (edited 11.09)

Always A New Adventure

Scoutmaster Minute—The Golden Windows

Almost heaven, West Virginia?


Scoutmaster Minute—Leadership Secrets of Crazy Horse

Scoutmaster Minute—Big Slough

Scoutmaster Minute—Words Behind the Words


Leave No Trace on the EDGE of your Next Rank


Gone to Camp

Medal of Merit for St. Paul Scout


Ditch Walk

Scoutmaster Minute—Matches

Bridge to Adventure

Lone Scout Goes to Summer Camp

Radio Merit Badge

Scout-O-Rama + Camp-O-Ree = Camp-O-Rama


A Sioux Elder on the Petroglyphs

Scoutmaster Minute-The Goose Story

Scoutmaster Minute-Which Path?

Cooking in Camp


Cub Scout Lock In

John Hope Franklin, Boy Scout

Scoutmaster Minute- The High Cost of Getting Even

Lower Sioux Agency changes hands

Scoutmaster Minute—The New Scout

BALOO Training

The Scoutmaster’s Other Handbook

Scoutmaster Minute: Giving


Trip to Alaska! Klondike Derby 2009

Resources on Native American Culture in Southwest Minnesota (A Woodbadge Ticket)

Turtle Audio

Turtle Island

Scoutmaster Minute: Twelfth-Point Minute

Scout Week Poster

Third Law of the Pinewood Derby

Second Law of the Pinewood Derby

First Law of the Pinewood Derby

Scout Sunday


Waite Phillips On Leadership

Scout in Chief

EXTRA Curriculars

Ice Fishing Derby

JohnScout is a work in progress

Be Prepared




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