Northern Tier, If You Dare

May 10, 2010

I’m heading up North this week, not quite to the Boundary Waters, but close enough I wish I was.

The long-time triple-play of Scouting High Adventure has been Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico, Seabase in Florida, and Northern Tier High Adventure Base in the Boundary Waters of Minnesota, Ontario and Manitoba.  These are soon to be joined by “The Summit” (Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve) in West Virginia, but for now we do with what we have.

My only regret from my Scout days was not doing Philmont, but I brought back enough memories from Northern Tier to last a lifetime (so far anyway!).  We put in at Charles L. Sommers Canoe Base east of Ely, Minnesota.  The guys (and gals) at Northern Tier know what they are doing and they can do everything but get you in condition.

The Charles L. Sommers programs are ideally suited for novice canoeists, but offer challenging routes for experienced travelers as well.

You may choose to visit beautiful waterfalls, travel into remote country, find the best fishing locations, visit ancient pictographs, or experience a combination of all of these.

If your Troop or Crew is up for more of an adventure, check out Atikokan or Bissett up in Canada.  Our District Advancement Chair still talks about his trip years ago with a Scout who is now a Council Exec.  Set your sights high and you’ll never know what you can accomplish.

My Troop put in out of Sommers on Moose Lake and did a one-week loop.  The root beer lady was still there when we went (too many years ago) but you will find your own special memories among the crystal clear lakes and towering pines.  It’s a good time for a First Class Scout or a fitting capstone for newly-minted Eagles.

Reservations are open now for Summer 2011.



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