Ask Andy: A Reader’s Digest version of Wood Badge

August 5, 2010

I try to keep up with the Ask Andy Netcommish column at the US Scouting Service Project.  You will notice the link over to the left there;  yes, I have “asked Andy” in the past and wouldn’t hesitate to ask again.  I don’t always agree with his answers, but they are well thought.

Last week, Andy published a special one-topic post (#218) on a Commissioner’s question about what to do to improve the troop’s overall health and the Scouting experience its providing for the boys it serves.

As much to remind myself to revisit this essay as the thought to bring any additional illumination to the topic, I suggest anyone with an interest in the True North of Scouting take a quick read:

For a Boy Scout troop, I think these will naturally fall into eleven general areas (not necessarily in this order): Meeting operation, Youth leadership, Skills development, Membership development and retention, Budget plan, Attendance, Patrol activities, Adult assistance, Outdoor program, Advancement, and Uniforming.  Here’s where to start…

Trust me, you will want to read this.  It’s like the Reader’s Digest version of Wood Badge.

And put a reminder on your calendar to read it again before your PLC or Troop Committee Meeting or Pack Committee Meeting or District Committee meeting next month.  And the month after that.  And the month after that….



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