A Scout is Clean… Except When He Gets Dirty

August 15, 2010

Mike Rowe isn’t afraid of a little hard work.  In fact, he works hard at getting dirty…on television.  Mike hosts a show on Discovery Channel, called Dirty Jobs.  Mike, basically, goes out and tries out the difficult jobs that keep our country moving.

Mike visited the BSA National Jamboree this summer.  You see, Mike is an Eagle Scout, but he never quite signed on to one point of the Scout Law:  A Scout is Clean.  Here’s his points on why A Scout is (also) Dirty:

1.) I believe the willingness to get dirty is a fundamental requirement of civilized society.

2.) I believe that God created dirt – not cleaning products.

3.) I believe that a clean mind and a dirty body can walk around in the same skin.

4.) I believe that honest work looks an awful lot like dirt.

5.) I believe that without dirt, we don’t eat.

6.) I believe that it’s absolutely, positively essential to play in the mud.

See what Mom has to say about that next time she sees your uniform after a campout.



3 Responses to “A Scout is Clean… Except When He Gets Dirty”

  1. stevejb68 Says:

    Mike Rowe has turned out to be a great inspiration to Boy Scouts across the country. I thought his speech at the National Jamboree was great.

    Steve B
    Scoutmaster, Troop 68

  2. JC Says:

    Rowe gave a great speech to the FFA Convention in Indianapolis this year, too.


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