SM Minute—Why Are You in Scouting?

November 21, 2010

Scoutmaster Minute—Why Are You in Scouting?

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You know, there are more than a million Scouts in our country.   I wonder how many of them will stay in Scouting and climb to the top, don’t you?

So many boys and girls enter Scouting for just one reason—to have fun.  If you think that’s the only reason you’re in Scouting, believe me, there are other good reasons, too.

Sure Scouting is fun.  But a lot of other things are fun, too.  If you’re just looking for fun, you can play all kinds of games, go to the movies, watch television—or a thousand other things.

Scouting must be more than just fun for you.  It must be a way of life, a law and an oath to which you are loyal.  Unless you try to live Scouting, you’ll find that other kinds of fun are easier and you’ll quit.  The loyal Scout is dedicated to the Scout Oath and the 12 points of the Scout Law.  He had a deeper reason for sticking than just having fun.  He sees the importance of learning the Scout skills, of developing himself so that he can be prepared to face anything that comes.  He wants to grow to be a real man.  That’s why he’s loyal.  That’s why he sticks.

I hope you won’t ever quit until you’re up before a court of honor some day to get your Eagle Scout Badge.  It was one of the biggest days of my whole life.  It will be one of the biggest days in yours, too.

(adapted from p.10 in BSA Troop Program Resources)



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