Boys’ Life, 1977

December 2, 2010


Stumbled across this classic two-pager in Boys’ Life (July 1977), about a troop where I was Charter Rep a short time 10 years and many miles ago.

Blue-Ribbon Float Trip

“From fast turns to sand bars to fish that got away¯the Missouri tried all its tricks on the Montana Scouts”

The big trout didn’t just take Mike Jones’ lure, it smashed into it.  From that first strike, Mike knew he had the biggest fish of the trip… Twenty-two Scouts and three dads from Troop 679, Bozeman, Mont., launched their adventure in the swirling waters of the Gallatin River near the [Three Forks of the Missouri]….

In fact, I could spend a lot of time paging through old editions of BL on Google Books or from the bundles I’ve saved at home.   Back in the days of Green Bar Bill, Pee Wee Harris & his pal Westy didn’t hang out on other planets, Pedro gave useful advice and each edition was full of non-useful advertisement tempting young Scouts to sell Christmas cards or get into stamp collecting.

You remember the Pedro Patrol?  Not an alien in sight.  It seems to my middle-aged eyes the current Boys Life magazine is a mere shadow of it’s former self.

Then again, my boys still open right to the jokes pages in the back, just like I did way back when.



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