SM Minute—Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

January 9, 2011
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Scoutmaster Minute—Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

Everyone, close your eyes for a minute and clear your mids.  I am going to give you a question to ask yourselves, but I do not want you to answer it yet:  “Am I my brother’s keeper?”

Scouting is, of course, a time in your lives to have fun.  But it has a very serious side as well.  It is a time when you will learn many things to help you grow physically as well as mentally.  It is hoped that you will learn to be responsible young men to your families, to other people, and to your fellow Scouts.

Caring about and helping others are a large part of being responsible, which forms the basis of all aspects of Scouting.  For instance, you might know a skill and perform it very well while another Scout might be having a problem with it.  Don’t make fun of him.  Take the time to show him the correct way to perform the skill.

How does that help?  Well, it benefits the Scout you have stopped to help by building his confidence and enabling him to teach others.  But it is you that will be receiving the most benefit.  You will have grown by showing others that you care.  You will be looked up to as a leader.  You will no longer be regarded as the student; you will now take your place as a role model and teacher; someone who is respected and admired.

So the next time I ask you to ask yourselves, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” you can look at me and proudly say, “Yes, I am!”  Just remember that the answer to this question is not just a commitment, it is a way of life.

(Adapted from Troop Program Resources, p. 17)


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