JohnScout 2011 Year in Review

January 9, 2012

Yes, Scouters, JohnScout didn’t fall off a cliff without 2-deep leadership.  Just been a bit pre-occupied with Rechartering two units (Internet Recharter hates me!), helping my den of Webelos Cubs complete their Arrow of Light, and a bit of distraction that is Presidential politics.  What a year 2011 was, a great year for the Boy Scouts of America, our local BSA council & district, troop and pack, and all the volunteers that make Scouting happen.  The JohnScout WordPress numbers tell us:

  • Busiest Month: 1,521 visitors for an average 49 per day in October, a new high on both counts.
  • Busiest Day:  June 5, 2011, 131 views.  Don’t y’all have better things to do on a summer Sunday?
  • Top Referral site:  Google found us, I guess…
  • Top Search Terms:  “Crazy Horse Monument” and “Scoutmaster minute court of honor”.  Last year’s frenzy of Bechtel Reserve searches subsided dramatically.
  • Top (not-search-engine) Referral site:  Twitter
  • Top (not-search-engine nor twitter) Referral site:  Scoutmaster CG narrowly edged out Minnesota’s own Melrose Troop 68.  Thanks, Scouters!
  • Had twice as many hits this year as last year, which was twice the year before that. And again, it helps when I actually POST original content.

Top posts of the year:

One thing I notice may have something to do with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  I started titling my “Scoutmaster Minute” posts shorter, as “SM Minute”, to save space in the title line.  Figured that would be handy, plus show more of the topic in search results.  However, the longer titles consistently score higher in search. Hmmm, seem to have out-thought myself on that one.


Merry Christmas!


SM Minute—The Strong Link


SM Minute—Three Uniforms

Dutch Oven Cooking—Swamped Pig Pork Chops

SM Minute—A Simple Cloth and a Common Thread


SM Minute—A Good Turn

SM Minute—When the World Stopped Turning

Dutch Oven Cooking: Fiesta Omelet


Boy Scouts Didn’t Hand Out Badges for Trying

The Marrow of Life


Camp Wilderness: Going Home Again


Ripley Rendezvous 2011


Privacy, Safety and Names of Scouts in a Public Forum


SM Minute—Losing Your Temper


SM Minute—Orion’s Belt


A Scouting Movement, not a Program

Erickson earns rank of Eagle Scout


SM Minute—Twelfth-Point

SM Minute—Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

Prepared. For Life.

JohnScout 2010 Posts



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