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Scout Camp—The Movie

December 7, 2009

We got our packet from summer camp and it got me thinking.  Thinking about everything we wanted to get done this year, and haven’t got done with half the school year just about behind us.  Thinking about everything we’ve got planned for the rest of winter and the spring to come.  Wondering how we’ll ever get it all accomplished, and how we might fit just one more camp out in.

I hope you’ve heard the buzz on Scout Camp—The Movie.  Now, I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m thinking it’s a good addition to any Scout’s (or Scouter’s) XMas list.  And the preview, well, it’s a good way to get my mind off the season’s first Blizzard warning.  Summer camp will be here before you know it….. I hope.



Centennial Audiorally Next Thursday!

December 2, 2009

I hope you saw this on BSA’s Twitter, or Facebook, or Cracker Barrel Blog.  Just in case you, like I, were still catching up on post-Thanksgiving leftovers, we’ve got a REAAAAAALY big event coming up next week:

The 100th Anniversary Kick-Off Audiocast Rally

Hosted by AT&T CEO and Chairman and 100th Anniversary Chair Randall Stephenson, National President John Gottschalk, National Commissioner Tico Perez, and me, Chief Scout Executive Bob Mazzuca, we’ll recognize your important role and the difference you make – everyday. Through this live audiocast, we’ll share important information about how you can be part of the 100th Anniversary. We’ll also answer some of your questions (submitted in advance through the link below). Our goal is to rally more than a quarter of a million Scouting enthusiasts – the largest single gathering of its kind in BSA history.

Cool, eh?  The Boy Scouts of America online event will take place Thursday 10 December 2009, 19:00-19:30 CST.  RSVP at:

This virtual rally is an interesting way to rally the Troops (and Packs and Crews and Ships) across the great U.S.A for 100 Years of Scouting events.  And what would any good rally be without some good prizes?  BSA is giving away 3 “once-in-a-lifetime” prizes to lucky Scouters registered and online during the audiocast:

  • two tickets and hotel accommodations to attend Gala Twenty-Ten (a special event in Washington, D.C. on February 9, 2010);
  • a signed, limited edition Joseph Csatari 100th Anniversary print; and
  • a limited edition U.S. Mint commemorative silver dollar honoring BSA’s 100 years.

Chief Scout Exec Bob finished up his announcement with a nice nod to us volunteers:

You are the reason this great movement works— the passionate supporters and boots on the ground serving youth across America. The 100th Anniversary celebration is meant to inspire, excite, and engage the entire Scouting family. Join us as we embark upon this once-in-a-lifetime journey.

I have a den meeting scheduled Thursday night, but I hear BSA will record the event and have it available later for playback.  Guess I’m out of luck on the prizes, tho.  It would have been really nice to make this an interactive web event but that would have been a bit much to pull off.   If you can get online Thursday I hope you’ll log in and report back.