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Leave No Trace on the EDGE of your Next Rank

July 22, 2009

The next round of BSA requirement changes for Boy Scouts are making the rounds on the net.

I’m glad to see Leave No Trace specifically included at 2nd Class. The specific requirements just seem to be micro-managing a bit.  Using the “EDGE model (explain, demonstrate, guide, and enable)”, just like in Wood Badge, is a good idea, which I’ve tried to integrate into our Troop Leadership Training. Yet EDGE also seems a bit too much like old IBM suit-speak than anything to which our iPod-loving Scouts relate much.  Just the jive I’m getting back at me from the guys.

Another 2nd Class requirement may cause more headaches: “He must earn an amount of money agreed upon by the Scout and his parents and save at least 50 percent of it.”  This could lead to some significant conflicts if Scoutmasters do not give Mom & Pop a good heads up upon joining.  It will be interesting to see how this plays out in different troops across the diverse U.S. of A.

However these requirements pan out in practice, remember this guidance for the U.S. Scouting Service Project:

Those Scouts working on any [merit] badges using the old requirements and who started before the new books were issued may complete the badge using the old requirements. Those starting work on the badge after the new books are issued, may use either the old or new requirements, at their option.
For RANK requirement changes, Scouts must normally meet the CURRENT requirements when they are ready for their Board of Review, unless special rules apply (as was the case for the change in First Class requirements in 2006).

Be Prepared.