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Scoutmaster Minute—A Scout is Courteous

April 25, 2010

A Scout is polite to people of all ages and positions.  He understands that using good manners makes it easier for people to get along.

“Courteous” isn’t a word we use very much any more.  It seems old-fashioned, quaint, out-of-date.

Websters has two definitions of the word.  One is

1 : marked by polished manners, gallantry, or ceremonial usage of a court

Yup, pretty old-fashioned there.  Good in front of a judge, and nice in front of the ladies.  Good manners is, well, good, but doesn’t seem like it should raise to the ranks of “A Scout is Trustworthy” or “A Scout is Brave”.  Nobody every saved a life by good manners.

2 : marked by respect for and consideration of others

Respect.  Now there’s a term we can relate to.  Being “courteous” is about showing people respect, whether it is due or not.

We’ve all heard about guys getting in fights, just because somebody “diss’d” them.  Because somebody didn’t show them respect.

See, you can’t demand respect.  It can only be given, willingly.

Being courteous is about more than just being kind.  It’s about giving the other guy a fair chance.  Of following the Golden Rule and treating others like you want to be treated.  Be courteous to people and you’ll never go wrong.



Scoutmaster Minute—A Scout is Friendly

April 12, 2010

A Scout is a friend to all.  He is a brother to other Scouts.  He offers his friendship to people of all races, religions, and nations, and respects them even if their beliefs and customs are different from his own.

We all know who the “cool kids” are.  Every school has them.  And you, my friend, are not them.

The “cool kids” can only be cool by putting everybody else down.  They make fun of anything that is different, and never, ever invite new people into their clique.

Who wants to hang around people like that?  Who would want to join a Troop full of people like that?

Scoutmaster Clarke Green paraphrases a related passage from the Bible on his blog:

Friends are patient and kind;  not jealous or conceited or proud; friends are not ill-mannered or selfish or irritable; friends do not keep a record of wrongs; friends are unhappy with evil, but  happy with the truth.  Friends never give up; their faith, hope, and patience never fail.

I don’t always agree with all Scouts’ opinions, but I respect people who Do Their Best.  We don’t all have to agree all of the time.  But we do have to be a Friend.  It’s just part of being a Scout.


Spring Camporee: Rails on the Prairie

April 1, 2010

Buffalo Ridge District, Sioux Council BSA, presents Rails—From the Past to the Future, Spring Camporee 2010, 16-18 April at Prairie Village, Madison, South Dakota.  Registration is $10 in advance, $12 after Roundtable.

Railroading Program, including model railroading, Gandy Dancing, railroad safety, train history, railroad engines, and railroad cars and equipment, capped off with a ride on a restored steam train.

The program will feature most of the Railroading Merit Badge.  Individual scouts are responsible for seeing merit badge counselor and completing the final requirement.”

2010 Buffalo Ridge District Spring Camporee (short)