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SM Minute—Losing Your Temper

April 17, 2011

Scoutmaster Minute—Losing Your Temper

Scouts, I have in my hand a tool that helped the pioneers blaze a trail across our country. Many lives depended upon this instrument to protect, shelter, and feed them. The care and handling of the ax, of course, was given only to a very responsible individual, one who was certain to keep it sharp and clean, one who would know that placing the ax too close to a fire would heat up the metal and cause it to lose its temper, thus rendering it useless.

Just as the group of pioneers depended upon the ax, so do the people in your life depend on you as a Scout. When you joined Scouting, it was you who promised to be an individual sharp of mind and clean of body, someone who could be entrusted with many responsibilities, including fire.

During your time in Scouting, you will undoubtedly be involved in an argument or some fiery discussion while at a meeting or on a campout. When things get out of hand, always try to remain calm and in control of yourself. If you become overheated in those situations and lose your temper, you’ll find yourself rendered as useless as that ax.
(adapted from Troop Program Resources, p.18)